DEWNR Duck Hunting Permit Duplication

DEWNR has advised us that duplicate season duck hunting permits have been sent out. Original permits had the wrong expiry date (23/06/2017) on them and the new or reissued ones have the correct date of 26/06/2017. Please remember to carry the correct permit, especially at the closing weekend.   If you have not yet received your[…]

DEWNR Duck Hunting Permit

As you know every year DEWNR sends out reminder notices for open season hunting permits to be renewed and this system has been successful in past seasons.  This season, DEWNR is aware that some of their renewal notices that were sent out in December 2016 have not reached their intended recipient.  They are investigating why[…]

SAFGA Membership Renewals

It has been drawn to our attention that publications have occurred on facebook by Waikerie Field and Game Association, stating that the “Waikerie Field and Game Association welcomes any transferring members and we will be happy to take care of your 2017 renewal” and “Memberships can be arranged on the day without the need for[…]

Lower Lakes & Coorong Survey

If you have an interest in the Lower Lakes please log click on the link below and give them your views. Survey must be taken by 5/2/17 And we would suggest that you add to your survey that you believe Duck Hunting should be a part of the Management Plan

2017 Duck and Quail Season Announced

The 2017 Duck & Quail season has been announced: The open season applies for specific species of duck throughout the state from 15 minutes before sunrise on Saturday 18 February 2017 until 30 minutes after sunset on Sunday 25 June 2017.   A big thanks to SAFGA representative, Peter Teakle, who SAFGA has helped fund[…]